100 Kanji

Drill Japanese Kanji and words. Build your vocabulary with a solid, proven system, save lots of time, and prepare for the JLPT. Learn raw kanji or use furigana and romaji. 100 Kanji helps you to concentrate on learning Japanese with a slim, no-distraction

Hayawaza Kanji Kyoiku 1

Learn Japanese with Hayawaza Kanji and build a solid base of 80 Kanji and a couple hundred Jukugo with my Kyoiku Kanji Grade 1 Package. You will be surprised how quickly we can cover this material in a focused, no-distraction, type-in interface while the


Hayawaza Kanji

Learn 1900+ Japanese Kanji. You can do it, with Hayawaza Kanji. You can learn more Kanji and more vocabulary per hour and you will type and skip your way through mountains of material while HK keeps track of your progress, sorts the lists, and keeps

MB Japanese Kanji

MB Japanese Kanji is a Japanese form of divination using the letters of the Kanji alphabet. This is an excellent and interesting software which predicts your future for a particular day or a solution to the problem on your mind.

2000 Kanji

Learning Kanji is fun! And more so when it's quick and easy. Type-in or skip-over: 2000 Kanji can help you learn more and remember better. It comes with some 2000 Kanji and more than 13000 Japanese words preinstalled and ready to run. No hunting for

Kanji Gold  v.2 10

Kanji is a set of Chinese ideograms used in the Japanese language. Learning how to read and write them can be very difficult for Western people since their meaning depends on the context in which they are used.

Kanji Screensaver  v.1.0

Animated Kanji Screensaver courtesy of Brasil na Web www.brasilnaweb.com.

Daily Kanji  v.

Daily Kanji is a Windows Phone application that displays a different kanji (Japanese character) every day. It supports the following features: * Live Tile updates * Note: You must launch the application every 10 days to update tiles due to Windows

Kanji Cards  v.

Kanji Cards is the ultimate Kanji Flash Card application and allows you to study and test your knowledge of Japanese Kanji by JLPT levels (New levels from 2010) and school grades. Main functionalities: - Get tested on Kanjis by JLPT (NEW 2010

Kanji tiles  v.

New in 1.3: - Fast app-switching support; - Start tile will update to show the number of kanji ready for review. A flashcard app for reviewing kanji keywords and stroke orders based on James Heisig's book "Rembering the Kanji 1". The app includes

Kana & Kanji Quiz  v.

Kana & Kanji Quiz allows to study the three types of characters used in Japanese writing: -Hiragana -Katakana -Kanji The characters lists are provided for study each character set. The katakana and hiragana quizzes propose on Japanese character

Kanji Battle  v.

Play and learn japanese! In the Kanji Battle card game you are a japanese sorcerer. You face others that, like you, are eager to possess the powers that kirin grant to their owners. You can create powerful spells by combining the powers of the kanji

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